Feb 26, 2008

Inspirational Poetry

Productive Morgue

Flouresent lights above . . .
How did he get there?!!!

17 years of struggles and pain all for nothing.
It cannot end like this.

Internally he flinches at the sight of the scisors at hand.
to know that his body has now become nothing but an object . . .
A remain of matter.

His ultimate fear was not being remembered,
And I wonder if after all of the bodies the man above has seen will HE even remember this next piece of work

violated . . .
he is now given some garments.

As a baby his mother held him.
Loved by the family.
He was the hope -
the only way to salvation.
Though Never worded in this exact format, it was still understood.
He must fullfill the last of thier dreams

the eldest -

With aspirations of changing the world -
he no longer exists . . .
Or does he?

The man on the cold steel bedframe.
A man who should have still existed,
and does due to remains of his art.

Maybe it is not too late.
He never had a chance to patch up with his father.
Give back to his mother.
Stabalize the life of his little sister
Take care of his unborn child.
And bring glory to the lessons taught as a child.

But now he lies.
As nothing but a plaything.
A life size Barbie for the man at the morgue.

The man takes deep concern with his job.
He himself an artist.
And the man on the bed looks back at him noticing that he and him are the same

To be an artist is to create.
Alive the man on the bed was never afraid to create.
And the man above makes the dead man come to life.

Life is creation.

And as the man on the bed stares into the eyes of the man above.
He realizes that his death was not a failure of life -
yet a new one
A new creation birthed by he
For in a way he is the man above
And the man above is he.
Dead, yet alive he is.
One last creation he leaves behind to change the world . . .

And he is me.
My creation

The light fades.

This was a piece I wrote after signing up for this forum. I met one of the creators of the site last week at the NuYoRican Poets cafe. His name is "Advocate for Wordz". He's a cool dude and after signing up for this site, I have gotten a lot of fresh inspiration for new stuff. But anyway I would suggest checking out the site. Hit me back too and let me know what you think of the piece.

-All is love

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