Feb 26, 2008


Yea, here's an aggravated picture of me at the job today. My boss was kind of pestering me to do some extra work and it was just one of those tired days where you just want to be to yourself.

I also was probably aggravated with Squeaksz, and you guys should be also. This guy seems to not make any posts at all. In my oppinion, I think that you who have been following the brand should let him have it! . . . lol. But seriously, sometimes you have those days where you just want to be to yourself, and the littlest things seem to get to you. Well, that was today for me. I just hope you can connect with me. Anyway, that's just some random stuff from my life. A little more of my lifestyle. You need to bug Squeaksz about more posts. Maybe he will be the aggravated one next time.

-All is love

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