Feb 24, 2008

Stress . . .

What's Up? It's Feel-X, and I'm just want to let loose a little bit of steam. Some of you are probably like, "I want to see the clothes . . . I'm tired of hearing about this guy's life." For those of you who are like that, I am happy to say that our "The Force" tee is now complete . . . But this post is not about that. For, how can you fully respect our product if you do not know much about the men behind the brand.

Well, lately I have been completely stressed out! And honestly, I am pretty exhausted. From work to school, and college applications . . . FASFA forms . . . Poetry Slams . . . Music . . . Even the release of this brand! I'm just physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. Also the family issues with my mother and father. My mother looking for a second job to support me and my little sister, and my father denying my mother money is just something that messes me up! On top of that I've had relationship issues, and throughout it all I try to stay positive and be the leader of the group. Sometimes I just wish I could hit my mother off with money each month and tell her, "Here. No bills or anything to worry about ma . . . I got you". All of this stuff is stressfull. Sometimes you feel like giving up, but something tells me to keep fighting. So when you people see the clothing, or listen to the music know that all of this is a reflection of my life and the struggles that have gotten me to the place where I stand today. Perhaps it is not any individual obstacle in my life, yet it is the intense pile up of problems that is creating my stress. I know some of you out there can understand me, and are dealing with similar and even more intense issues than even I have been facing. Nowadays being 17 years old is not what it once was, and you are forced to grow up a lot quicker. I am not here looking for anyone's sympathy for there are much more stressors in my life that I will not release over the internet for they are too personal. This is more of me venting. I am not trying to depress anyone but this is just me! This is my life! And I promise that I will make a change! I have faith that I will make it through! Yet lately . . . I have been extremely stressed out! I just hope you can relate.

-All is love

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