Oct 1, 2008

Alien Sample sale

Hey, i wonder who that guy was with the curly har and the purple shirt? - lol. Nah, but last friday myself along with Chris and Jaron from the brand went to Alien's sample sale. I wanted to show love and cop a skully but they were sold out. Its cool though. All is Love.

Anyway, the event was a short yet fun little networking spot until we got shut down early by management. Maybe they were scared when Theophilus London and Ninja Sonik got on stage. Theophilus showed love after we had our little rap cypher on the side and when he went on stage threw on the Swagga' Like Us instrumental, calling kats to come out of the crowd and spit off the top on the beat.

All in all, a cool event and ALIEN are some cool dudes. This post is a little late, but o well. I still had to show love

- Feel-X

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