Sep 25, 2008

Filling you in . . .

So its been a minute. Crazy busy, photoshoot for the new season . . . we're about to re-vamp the site . . . Teaching Urban Art and Urban Music with Kids Creative and Oasis after-school programs who are partnering up this year . . . Video editing for Manhattan Nieghborhood Network . . . Not to mention working on a release of a comic book including all of my own custom characters that you will soon be meeting in the fall season. But life is good, it seems I have been on a pretty good luck streak lately. It feels as if some supreme source is just leading me to every thing I need lately and it feels good. However I'm not going to sit here and act like it hasn't been hard work, and at the end of the day I have been a little sleep deprived. So yesterday night I kind of took some time off.

After teaching class I met up with wifey and we went to this nice little Japanese spot and had some Shrimp Tempora with brown rice and an order of California Rolls which really hit the spot. Wifey ate up the warm meal, but she isn't really a sushi person like I am. Over the sumer I made sure I had my sushi at least once a week.(Hint: want to get cool with me - get me some Japanese food - lol)
After that we proceeded to Coldstone, which always hits the spot. Sometimes I feel the founder was inspired by a being greater than us all . . . Nutter Butter Ice Cream - Crushed Reeses - Caramel - Mashed Graham Crackers . . . MMMMMMMMMMM Yummy! . . . What size? The Love it - lol.

After this me and wifey went to go chill by the pier on the West Side of Manhattan by 54th street since we were in the area. It was a relaxing time. Amazingly not even one slight bit of an arguement and no mood swings(Just kidding. But any man wifed up knows what I'm talking about) But I feel in this crazy fast paced moving world we live in today, you have to treat yourself and chill sometimes. Especially when your focus is changing the world. - You need that time to re-collect after you distribute so much of yourself out to the community.

-The chill side of Feel-X
-But all is still Love

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