Jun 19, 2008

Improv. for Kids

Hey, what's up? It's Feel-X again. Just letting you guys know about this show I went to see with my kids at the after-school program called improv. for kids. It was at the Laugh factory down at 42 street. The show and workshop after was fun, and inspirational. These guys really know what they're doing. They did a series of Skits and theater games that use a lot of crowd interaction so they keep you engaged the whole way through. The workshops we did with the kids afterword were good too, because they buil upon listening and basic communication skills which I think was helpful to our environment. I could sit here and talk for days about it(and you guys know I can), but why don't you just check it out for yourselves. Just visit www.eightimprov.biz or www.myspace.com/8improv

Just another fun thing for you guys to look at, and laugh at . . .

-All is Love

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