May 14, 2008

FEEL-X the gardener - lol

Hey, what's up? It's Feel-X again, and I'm just here filling you in on my life. I don't know if you really care about this one, but o well because Lethal Inspiration is also a way of life.

Anyway . . . So I work at this afterschool program named Achieve, and I teach a few classes, and run a few clubs for elementary school children in Parkchester. Some of those activities include - Drama, Music, Magic, Science, and Urban Art. However, yesterday I became involved with the gardening club. Some of the kids from the program and I volunteered in helping out the senior citizen center with thier garden. The lady in charge of the project was named Maria. She is an older Chinese lady who had a lot of knowledge about taming the earth, and although gardening may not be my exact "cup of tea" it was a good experience. Some of the general concepts of care, and insight also apply to all of the work that I already do.
Along with these activities, I also coach a little league team named "The Warriors" in the Parckchester little league. We are sponsored by the after-school program I work for, and it is a very good training experience. I have learned alot while working with kids. It continues to keep me growing, due to thier large imaginations and thier ability to learn things so much easier than an older person can. They help to keep my ideas new and fresh. And they also help me to tap into things I may already know but never really think about with thier never ending questions.

A Child's Mind . . . Now that's inspiration

-All is Love

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