Nov 26, 2008

PACE University fashion show . . .

So you know I support any and everything that is positive on the come up. I'm really big on the underground struggle. And although this wasn't exactly an uderground event, I met a few people who are definitely on the come up.
The guy in the Torch tee has a previous portfolio of modeling for Unico just for starters. His name is Jose and is from Long Island. He's an international business major and I think is headed towards making something crazy Huge happening in the future. We have been in contact quite frequently since the event, and I think together we can make something happen.
This girl in the Blue LINY crew neck is dumb cool! Cherie has modeled for Animal House and is also an up and coming designer. She should be working on getting me to perform at PACE, but I'm not going to completely hold her to that - lol. It would be defintely appreciated though, epecially with the anticipation of this new album dropping for myself.Here goes the famous Tj again along with Cherie and another one of the models(Sorry I forgot the name).

Overall this was a cool experience. A little bit outside of our direct crowd, but definitely worth it and pretty fun. Especially bugging out backstage and joking around as well as networking with people.Here is one last picture from backstage. I will definitely look foward to working with any of these people in the near future.

-All is Love

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