Sep 18, 2008

Baby Shower

Sorry I havent been able to post. I have a lot to fill you guys in with. First off the fashion show got rained out last week and got rescheduled for tommorow night. If you want to know the new location and time, go to

Also, I have my baby shower was saturday that my mom organized. Then we actually had a second shower yesterday with a Catholic sister's group we know named the Sister's of life which help out young pregnant mother's. They are kindhearted people and between the two showers it seems my kid is going to be even "fresher" than me - lol. Nah, but we got all of our essentials taken care of and I have defninitely been blessed with all. Its only a matter of time now before I get to meet my little homie, so I just have to keep on the grind as usual. I also have this new track named "Conquer" that I have been working on and I wil post it for you guys soon. It's about my whole becoming a father experience.

I would say more, but time is limited and I am in my data analysis class here at devry right now and I'm multi-tasking so I will be posting definitely by saturday and fill you in with the rest of my past two week's experiences.

-All is Love

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