Feb 5, 2008

T.Dub Meeting

I have to play catch up with the blog posts so here's two back to back. Anyway, me and my team Tha' Works had a meeting this passed saturday in order to dicuss financial planning and a few projects expected to release this upcoming year in '08. It was a long and complicated meeting, but order was held through "The Conch". . .lol If any of you have read "The Lord of The flies" you will understand the inportance of the pepsi bottle. Here are just a few pics of the day.

All in all, progress was made and it seems that the company is back on the same page. I can't discuss the exact details of the meeting due to it being classified information and we want to make sure none of the creative process is leeked out to the streets too early. This post is just to show that Feel-X is constantly on the grind . . . lol

-All is love

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