Feb 11, 2008

The Grammys 2008

Hey. Once again it's Feel-X, here to kick to the viewers out there a little bit more of my inpiration. . . .

Did any of you watch the grammys this year? Well, for the past few years I have felt that the grammys have not been up to par. I may be due to the fact of the slump the industry has been in as far as creativity goes. But this year, the grammys lived up to its name. With performances from Kanye West to Rihanna, and even Alicia Keys; not to mention Fergie's shocking vocals with John Legend on the piano, this was one hell of a night.

Musically everything was on point. I particularly liked the tribute to the Beetles performance entittled "All you need is Love". But I think the simplest yet most stunning performance of the night was from Kanye West. Kanye is always on point when it comes to fashion, and him doing Stronger along with Daft Punk on stage really put him ahead of the competition. The thing that sold his performance however was the tribute to his now deceased mother. Here is the performance for those who did not see.

Sorry that I post so many videos, but it's how I make this message more visual, and also give you audio. But in the end my reason was this post was to say that I'm glad to see that creativity is becoming a part of our world once again. After watching the grammys I feel ispired to make more music and clothing for you people to see. I feel the support of the artistic community to continue to be as unique of an individual as possible and to make good quality art from the heart.

That's Inspiration . . .

-All is love

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