Feb 16, 2008

Feel-X Valentine's Day

Hey what's up? It's Feel-X. I know I'm a few days late with this post, but I just want to tell you a little bit about my Valentine's Day.

It was a good day. I went out with wifey to Sizzler for dinner, then we went back to the crib to just chill a little more as my mother went out to celebrate her Valentine's Day. We had some interesting conversation and played this funny spin the bottle game that was on the box of chocolates that I bought for her. It was crazy because we've been having our drama lately, but all in all she is definitely the woman I cherish, love, and feel I want to be with in the end. Here's a video so you can see a little more of the day . . .

Also I had to show some appreciation for my mother and little sister who are other extremely important woman who I love and shape my life. I bought my mother this card and it really touched me. You can see both the front view and inside of the card. If you open it up bigger you can read what the card actually said. I think Hallmark's intentions were for it to be a daughter to mother card, but for my purposes it said everything I wanted to say and more.

In the End, the day was filled with love and was really a humbling experience. Family, and soon to be family(hopefully) helped to create yet another inspirational moment for me in life . . .

-All is love

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