Jan 23, 2008

United Trade Show

United Trade show is where brands come to show off their goods for the up coming season. So yesterday after taking my midterm I made my way down there to see what was new. I was Very Excited to be in attendance. Here are some pics from my day @ United. Some brands didn't allow Pictures so these the few I have.
The Entrance

Concrete Jungle

Heyday Footwear (nice footwear in my opinion)

DPRC (very Nice young Charming Ladies Behind this Brand)

Memory Lane (Very Cool People)


I gotta say this brand has some nice stuff. All of goods are hand Made. Be on the look out for these Guys. Check out the Hood

Andrew from 3Sixteen ( very cool guy IF u didn't know me and him have the same name. I actual met him prior to the Trade show @ the 3Sixteen sample sale.

C.R.A.N.I.U.M (Straight out of Brooklyn)

After a Day @ United I come home to a hand full of business cards and email addresses. And Thanx DPRC for the Gift Cd

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