Jan 29, 2008

Iron Maiden

Hey, how are you people doing? Once again it's Feel-X and I'm just speaking about an inspirational Rock Band named Iron Maiden. Thier success from thier 1979 demo until thier album "Different World" (2006 SINGLE) has to be a big inspiration to all that we should just go out in be ourselves. Even now, next week they drop a DVD of thier legendary concert from the Long Beach Arena in California way back in 1985. Here is a quick advertisement from thier official website.

Live After Death - February 4th 2008

Though they may have a darker sound, and they're lyrics can seem a little depressing it is something to relate to. Everyone has thier down times and the basic questions of life we all ask when we reach our pitfalls are posed in thier music. And with heavy bassed and high energy rock guitars behind them you feel the actual heartbeat of the music. Here is just a little preview of some of thier lyrics . . .

Different World

You lead me on the path
Keep showing me the way
I feel a little lost
A little strange today

I think I'll take a hold
Of whatever comes my way
Then we'll see what happens
Take it day by day

I thought I had it all
I had it all worked out
Just what my future held
That there would be no doubt

But then the card came up
And I took another turn
But I don't know if it's
Fulfillment that I yearn

Tell me what you can hear
And then tell me what you see
Everybody has a different way
To view the world

I would like you to know
When you see the simple things
To appreciate this life
It's not too late to learn

Don't want to be here
Somewhere I'd rather be
But when I get there
I might find it's not for me

Don't know what I want
Or where I want to be
I'm feeling more confused
The more the days go by

Anyway to wrap it up . . . I copped these Iron Maiden kicks made by vans to support the band and they're long stream of work. Though I may be more of a Hip Hop fan myself you have to respect all forms of music and expression in general. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can find inspiration everywhere.

-All is love

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